Day 24: Barry’s Bootcamp

I love trying new exercise classes- I’m a bit of a junkie in fact.


There's a party on my feet

Lucky for me, there are so many on offer in San Francisco!

I’ve tried TRX, crossfit, spinning, barre, boxercise, boot camp, reformer pilates, hip hop (which is deserving of its own blog post- watch this space) and a whole load of other classes designed to sculpt, tone, pump, pummel and basically kick your ass into shape.

I used to go to the gym by myself or go on a solo jog, but I stopped for three reasons:

1. I was way more likely to back out of doing exercise because there was nobody else to let down, only myself.

2. I would do the same routine every time, so I would quickly get bored and stop progressing.

3. The cross trainer was featuring way too frequently in my gym sessions. Accompanied by a magazine and maybe an episode of TOWIE. In other words, I might as well have been taking a nap.

So I switched to group exercise classes and never looked back. I love the variation, the energy, the music, the accountability, the high fives.

(Note, I would only ever high five in an American exercise class. Most Irish people are suspicious of high fives. Plus the execution of the high five is difficult for us to master and causes a lot of embarrassment. I had to practice to get it right).

One of the hottest, trendiest exercise class in the city right now is Barry’s Bootcamp. When I heard that it was the class of choice for the Victoria Secret Angels, I knew I had to sign up. So my friend Mags and I decided to head along on Day 24 to try it out.

Barry’s Bootcamp is definitely styling itself to appeal to young, hot, fit club-going, 20- 30ish working professionals. Think low lights, and loud music. Think smoothie bar and branded tanks. Think beautiful people lazing outside the building on benches, wearing LuLu Lemon, executing near perfect high-fives and sipping on protein shakes.

As soon as I rolled up in my non-designer threads (I don’t own anything by LuLu Lemon) I was ready to be intimidated. But, nice surprise,  the owner (James, not Barry) greeted us warmly when we signed in, the instructor walked us through how to use the equipment and shouted words of encouragement as we went through the workout and it definitely got our sweat on, which is the most important thing!

There were a few posers with their tops off, but I quickly forgave them. And nearly fell off the treadmill in doing so.

The Barry’s Bootcamp workout is a combination of treadmill intervals and weights work on the floor. You can take it at your own speed and you have a clear idea of what progression looks like.

I am definitely sore now, writing this the day after, which is what I want.

It’s an expensive class, but Mags and I will definitely be doing it again. It’s a great way to set yourself up on a Saturday.

And the exertion totally meant I had license to eat the below, right? Not a perfect day, but I tried to healthify where possible.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, scrambled and bacon. Coffee with milk.
Snack: Banana with 8 almonds
Lunch: A little of the following- Meat board (I am eating way too much cured meats, fact), slice of bread, arugala salad with Parmesan and fennel, Brussels sprouts, capaonata, glass of red wine. We had all of this in Beretta in the mission. Really tasty food, and a lively atmosphere. Dog friendly as well!
Dinner: Jamie Oliver’s meat loaf (minus the crackers, so paleo friendly), with green salad. 2x glasses of red wine.
Dessert: Red grapes and square of dark chocolate.


*Not the actual portion size of the meat loaf


Dinner guest


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