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Announcing ‘100 DAYS in SF’

Well folks – it’s that time of year. December 31st is fast approaching and most intelligent people are stuffing their faces with as much unhealthy fun as they can cram in before they have to give it all up for a healthy new year and a healthy new life of drinking green smoothies (and moaning about drinking green smoothies).

just one more.jpg

I, in turn (trend-bucker that I am), have decided to do EXACTLY the opposite. I have decided that 2016 will be the year that I un-healthy myself.

Well, in blog terms that is.

I am happy to announce my new blog “100 DAYS in SF.” This is of course dramatically different to my old one “100 HEALTHY DAYS in SF.”

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Just in case the caps didn’t bring the message home…

So why the change Michelle? What went wrong? Did you overdose on collard greens? Sweat the enthusiasm out of you in Bikram Yoga?

Never fear – I’m still like majorly into healthy shit and well being and all that. And I’m still prepared to blog, lecture, pontificate and full on nerd out about it in a major way.

But I’ve just come to the conclusion that one does not live in San Francisco by healthy stuff alone. (Well, in the non-literal sense of course). One lives in San Francisco by having as many FUN DAYS as possible. At least 100 of them.

While writing my blog last year (when I actually wrote regularly…) I realised that there were so many things I wanted to talk about, that did not necessarily fit in with my healthy theme. The fun nights out in the Mission, the trips to wine country, the photography, the fun dates, the awful dates, the amazingly crazy people, the beautiful souls. And yeah, the unhealthy but delicious food and cocktails.

These all form an integral part of my life in San Francisco and I CAN’T DENY IT ANY MORE.

So from now on you’re going to hear about it all- every last crazy, healthy and unhealthy (but fun) minute of my time in the city.

(Well, maybe not those minutes spent on the couch being a loner eating chocolate and watching The Office. Neither healthy nor fun…)

Stay tuned!

Love Michelle xxx