Let’s do this! High fives all round and a big group hug.

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well go right ahead and call me cray-cray!

Over the past 3 years or so, I’ve been spending a lot of money on expensive exercise classes (Crossfit, I’m talking to you), healthy food (organic quinoa don’t be growing on trees, even in SF) and random health crazes (wash my mouth out twice a day with virgin coconut oil -seems necessary to me).
But I haven’t really seen any significant change in my body.
It’s not that I mind the money – I would happily invest heavily in health. It’s the lack of any major progress after a whole lot of effort  that’s the biggest bugbear.
I say effort but I have the feeling I’m my own saboteur. All of those nights out, boozy brunches, desserts, wine Wednesdays, chocolate Thursdays etc etc that I ‘treat myself’ to, have somehow become the norm, This has been compounded by the fact I’ve recently moved to SF – a city of bottomless mimosas, margaritas and guac, Sunday Fundays, and gourmet EVERYTHING.
So, in an effort to turn the tide I’ve decided to take a leaf out of www.100-healthy-days.com and commit to, well, 100 healthy days in SF! Over the course of these 100 healthy days I will make a concerted, dedicated and publicly documented effort to be healthy.
100 days will take me nicely into the holiday season and a joyous homecoming to Ireland. How would I love to breeze into my old local in Dublin, to cries of ‘Jaysus – you look amazing’, or ‘The California lifestyle is obviously suiting you’ or even better from the jealous ones ‘She’s taken it too far, she’s lost her child-bearing hips…’
There will be MANY obstacles in my way between now and then of course:
1. Road trip to LA with my parents – happening on Day 2
2. Work conference in Las Vegas
3. Long weekend in Mexico
4. Thanksgiving in Tahoe
5. Many, many SF boozy Sunday brunches, random food-related events, margaritas in The Mission, Napa wine tours etc etc
However, there are many things in SF that will also help:
1. Free healthy food in work
2. An abundance of fresh Californian fruit and veg
3. Nice weather!
4. Paleo Margaritas
5. Many, many beautiful, tanned, toned, healthy people to motivate me.
So, while it will be tough, no doubt, I am confident I can do this, with baby steps and an attitude of loving kindness!
Let’s do this!
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