Day 1 – the day before the vacay

  • Breakfast: Egg whites, steamed kale, chia seeds, raw red peppers and a large coffee 
  • Snack: Cherry tomatoes
  • Lunch: Chicken with mixed green salad
  • Snack: Carrots and aubergine dip
  • Dinner: Omelette with cheese and tomatoes and mixed green salad
  • Lots of water and nettle and dandelion tea
  • Exercise: Power Sculpt class, 1 hr


Day 1 Food


As today was the day before the big Cali road trip I tried to go as easy on the food as possible. It’s so hard to be 100% clean and healthy on vacation (and in fairness, kind of boring) so I kind of feel like as much good work as I can do beforehand the better. So this meant loads of water and herbal tea and no refined carbs or sugar – including sugar from fruit. It wasn’t 100% perfect – I accidentally had eggs twice and I could have done without the cheese but it was a good enough effort. Even my parents peer-pressuring me into having a glass of wine didn’t sway me!

And even though my quads were killing me from the workouts earlier in the week I dragged my butt along to the exercise class today. Squat-hell. But hopefully worth every minute.

Overall a good day, ending with some road trip planning with my Mom. Some exciting days ahead with some of the best scenery in the world!

Day 1 Food


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