Day 3: Hangry and suffering from FOMO. But happy.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms, bacon, apple
Snack: Iced coffee and banana
Lunch: Seared Ahi salad with glass of wine
Snack: Frozen Yoghurt with fresh blueberries and peaches
Dinner: Small slice of bread with pesto, Seafood soup in marinara sauce, grilled ciabatta, white wine.


Soooo, today was a challenge to eat healthily for two main reasons.

1. I got hangry.


This is me feeling hangry

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, hangry means hungry and angry. This came upon me just as we got into Santa Barbara. We had no healthy snacks in the car, I hadn’t eaten in 5 hours, and there was also lots of fighting over directions trying to get off the freeway. Suffice to say I acted like a starved, raving beast, which was no fun for anyone, particularly my travel companions when they tried to reason with me. “I don’t give a flying #%%-%$# where we eat. I need food NOW.” Thankfully, we found a nice restaurant so I was able to make a healthy choice. However, we all agreed we needed some wine to get over the trauma.

Lesson learned here was, plan ahead, bring snacks and eat every 3 hours to avoid getting hangry and being disowned by your family.

2. I had FOMO.


Me drooling over the frozen yogurt

FOMO stands for the ‘fear of missing out.’ I had that today when my Mom decided a frozen yogurt would be nice after lunch. I had a lovely apple all ready to go but FOMO got to me so I caved and got yogurt. (Could still have been the effects of being hangry in fairness… It took a while to recover). Also, at dinner my step dad was raving about the bread and pesto he was inhaling as we waited for our meals, which gave me FOMO so I had to sample. It tasted just OK (I think he was hangry so was just grateful to have food).

Lesson learned here is that I’m going to experience FOMO many times over the course of these 100 days. Realistically, I may not actually be missing anything that great. I just need to remember my goals and become friends with that feeling.

Road trip wise, we had a lovely day. Not as much beautiful scenery as yesterday, but we had a lovely time wandering around SLO and Santa Barbara. Very different towns- SLO is quite sleepy and calm (lovely little plaza and the mission is pretty) and Santa Barbara is a lot busier and full of tourists, but with beautiful Mediterranean style architecture. We finally arrived in Santa Monica and hung out on the pier. Very touristy, lots of amusements, bright colors and smelled like sugar.

Universal Studios tomorrow plus a Labor Day BBQ. Another day, another challenge!


Palm trees- so quintessentially LA


Mom and Step Dad dipping their feet into the Pacific Ocean


Winning BIG on the whack-a-mole


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