Day 8: The Dinner Party Challenge

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and egg whites, sauteed escarole, raw vegan, coffee with milk
Exercise: 30 min PT session, 20 min intervals on treadmill
Snack: Raw carrots, 5 almonds, coffee with milk
Lunch: Salad with lots of veg, chickpeas, grapes
Snack: Edamame with raw jicama and tomatoes
Tulsi tea
Dinner: crudités with hummus, baked salmon with roast potatoes and fennel, green salad with avocado, strawberries, 2 glasses of wine, 2 small slices cheese


You can't see the final meal but you can see the tray of roasted potatoes and fennel.

Today brought a new challenge in the form of a dinner party. Luckily my roommates and I were throwing the dinner party, so I had a lot of control over the menu and was able to be relatively healthy.

The dinner was for 8 people, which is a challenging enough number to cook for. In the past, when cooking for that number, I would always have made something easy and carby and invariably Italian. With my Italian roots, it was kind of expected of me! So,  pasta, risotto, bread etc would always make an appearance. Quick, tasty and always a crowd pleaser.

But, sticking to the 100 Healthy Day rules I decided to go for baked salmon and roasted new potatoes and fennel. It’s a Jamie Oliver recipe and sooo tasty. And if you call it Salmone al forno, it’s still Italian! Yes, potatoes are probably not the healthiest but they are acceptable as per The Rules.

There was one failure and one coup today.

Failure: I had probably 2 glasses of wine rather than the 1 I am allowed per The Rules. All I can say is that cooking is stressful and the wine was beautiful. Lame I know.

Coup: Everyone enjoyed delicious ice-cream from Mitchell’s for dessert. We’re talking mocha fudge, we’re talking caramel pecan praline, we’re talking heaven in a big fat bowl basically. But I stuck with my lovely, fresh strawberries, and did not even have one lick of a spoon.

Overall, it was a lovely meal. Not just the food but the company as well. My folks got to meet my roomies, I got to meet my roomies’ family. Good conversation and laughs. And it’s important not to ignore the laughs as they also have a huge impact on health!


The group minus one roomie Venessa and her boyfriend.


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