Day 11: The Hangover Challenge

Food: Bad all day, I don’t wanna talk about it. Suffice to say pancakes were involved (from the delightful Chole’s Cafe in Noe Valley.)

the fear


Of course, failing the ‘Pre-gaming, night out challenge‘ meant I was battling an additional challenge on Day 11.

The Hangover Challenge.

Question – is it possible for anyone to pass the hangover challenge? I would say it’s only possible if you’re too sick to eat. At least you force yourself into a calorie deficit. Healthy, right? Emmm.

No need to elaborate on the details of how I failed this challenge, you’ve all been there.

My coping mechanism for this going forward is to not fail the fecking challenge the night before.

Orrrrr, if disaster does strike again, I found these interesting tips from one of my fave sites on how to get over a hangover the healthy way!

  1. Coconut water (agreed – if you can stomach it.)
  2. Regular water (obvious, but get as much down as possible, just force yourself!)
  3. Asparagus (!?!)
  4. Yoga (My friend Marie is a huge fan of this!)
  5. I’ve also heard watermelon has all the vitamins you need to cure a hangover.

Or just getting a hug from your mama or loved ones helps. That’s what I did.

We also went for a mani pedi in Noe Valley. I was very pleased with the job the Rainbow Nail Spa did! 


This may, or may not, have been my hangover breakfast.

Mama enjoying her mani-pedi

Mama enjoying her mani-pedi


My friend Marie doing hangover yoga.

My friend Marie doing hangover yoga.


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