Day 12: Getting back on track

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and egg whites, chia seeds, sauteed escarole, raw red peppers, coffee with milk
  • Snack: Strawberries
  • Lunch: Salad with chicken and avocado, apple cider vinegar, coffee with milk
  • Snack: 6 almonds, half a carton of Chobani greek yogurt
  • Dandelion and nettle tea
  • Dinner: Brown rice, with chicken, stir-fired veg and Thai curry sauce from a jar
  • (Dessert: Gluten Free Banana Bread. If I put it in brackets and italicise it, it means it never happened, right?)
  • Exercise: zzzzzzzzzzzz

Photo Collage Maker_c17SeC

After my carb/sugar/alocohol-fueled weekend of debauchery, Day 12 was all about trying to get back on the healthy buzz – both mentally and physically. 

I was still utterly exhausted from Saturday night. I’ve started to notice this recently – it takes around 2 days to recover from a big night out. Not worth it.

Thankfully, at my place of work, healthy food is always at hand, which makes this challenge so much easier. We have an amazing cafe, with fresh veg, fruit, eggs, salads etc. I am so incredibly thankful for this. I think if I was left entirely to my own devices today I would have been too exhausted to prepare anything healthy and I would have definitely indulged (more than I did) in a ready-made sandwich or pastry. But, I was able to easily grab some good food.

However, when I got back from work I did cave and I had carbs (and gluten-free banana bread). They were clean, brown carbs though so not entirely bad (unlike the gluten-free banana bread, which was also laced with chocolate chips FYI).

Lesson learned- have healthy stuff to hand at all times for those days when exhaustion takes over. In the real world, when there’s not a handy cafe, this probably means doing some prep work in advance. I need to work on this.

One good thing I did today was to drink lots and lots of dandelion and nettle tea. These teas are great for detoxing.

In SF news, I saw this really cute dog today. Everyone in SF has a dog. Even the dogs have pet dogs. I would love a dog.




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