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Day 37: Veg-loading – my new strategy

Day 37 was all about veg-loading. Think carb-loading, but a lot less fun. Veg-loading is my new strategy for surviving nights out!

Pre-drinking is a thing of the past. It's all about the pre-vegging!

Pre-drinking is a thing of the past. It’s all about the pre-vegging!

Day 37’s night out was actually a date! As mentioned in a previous post I find it quite challenging to eat healthfully when going on a date – I get nervous, I forget to eat, I have some drinks and then I eat bold stuff when I get home.

This time around I was determined to keep it healthy. I figured the best way to do it was to stock up on vegetables and other good food throughout the day, as I knew I wouldn’t have time to eat when I got home.

Thankfully, this is really easy to do in work. I will always be extraordinarily grateful for the abundance of fresh fruit and veg we get. When you want to be healthy it’s so easy!

So, I had kale and crudites at breakfast with some eggs, crudites as a snack, a HUGE salad, with a variety of veg for lunch and then more crudites and hummus in the afternoon. I also worked out and drank a shed-load of water during the day. When I left to go out I felt satisfied and clear headed – not like the hungry, dehydrated wreck I was on the last date.

My huge salads

My huge salads


I’ve actually already made it a habit to eat a lot of vegetable at meals. I could never be the the type of person that just eats tiny portions – that’s why a conventional, calorie restricting diet would never work for me. I need something substantial in my belly or else I would be driven demented with hunger. So I eat loads and loads of veg.

It’s funny, I work with a lot of Frenchies, and whilst they’ve never said it, I think they are slightly appalled at the amount I put on my plate. The French, in my mind, have really mastered the art of eating – they take small amounts of fine, high quality food. My mountain of raw veg and chicken, with only lemon juice as a dressing, most likely seems barbaric to them.

‘IT’S GOOD FOR YOU!’ I feel like shouting sometimes, when I see them look over in my direction at lunch. ‘YOU’RE EATING A PASTRY! STUFFED WITH CHOCOLATE! I DON’T CARE IF IT’S ONE OF THE MINI ONES.’

I’m a little jealous of the French, clearly. They’ve probably never had to veg-load in their life.

On to the date – we went to The Royal Cuckoo in the Mission. This is a great spot for a date, especially mid-week. They’ve got a great drinks menu with lots of good cocktails. It’s all low lighting, fairy lights and cosy seats. They also played some live jazz as well. I’m not a huge jazz fan really, but it was fun.

So, happy to say I managed to keep it relatively healthy on a date day. I think veg-loading, or healthy-food loading is the way to go in the future!



Day 28: The First Date Challenge

One of the most popular things to do in San Francisco is dating.

Sure, most people say that they love to hike, bike and camp but if you look at actual time spent it would appear that searching for love (or lust) is the number one past-time.

America's greatest past-time

America’s greatest past-time

Most conversations with friends (and even randomers you get chatting to at bus stops) revolve around dating- how dates went,  where the good date spots are, which dating sites you’re on, the weirdos you’ve met.

Even if you’re in a relationship, it’s a fun thing to talk about. Couples like to live vicariously through the escapades of their single friends. I’ve even heard of some people, married no less, taking this interest to an extreme level of voyeurism. See an example of this weirdness below and in this article from NY Mag.

Stolen from my friend Gaz's FB page

Stolen from my friend Gaz’s FB page

What’s unfortunate for me, is that I’m not a great dater. That’s not to say I’m not a great date – I like to think I can do the witty, scintillating conversations like a pro. I just don’t go on a lot of dates. I’m on all the sites, but I get bored and drop off after a few messages.

As such, I’m a bit out of practice with the whole scene and I find first dates slightly harrowing. My SF single friends are so good at it, they take it all in their stride, no stress, great attitudes and breeze through the evening coming out the other side smiling.

I, on the other hand, am a bit of a stressball – fussing about what to wear, where to go, who pays for what, where do I sit…

And what happens when I become stressed? Healthy eating goes out the window and, for better or for worse, I turn to alcohol for comfort and courage.

So you can see why a first date might be a challenge for my 100 Healthy Days.

And I’m sorry to say I failed.

I was so busy in work so that I didn’t eat lunch, I was then too busy getting ready to eat beforehand to eat dinner, then I rushed to get there because I was late, so I was dehydrated and gulped down my wine. And then I gulped down the second one. And then I actually necked the third one as we had to leave.

I’m such a classy date.

I then got home relatively late and was starved so I dived onto the left-over Irish soda bread Venessa had made the night before. As well as some amazing chocolate covered blueberries that had been left out.

This was all over chats with Lysbet who had been out on a date as well. Sometimes this is the most fun thing about dating. The chats with your friends afterwards.

So, all in all, a 100 Healthy Days in SF failure.

But I got to go on a lovely date, with a lovely guy, so that was a win!

Sometimes you’ve got to take the good with the bad. 😉